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GamerSky Award is the most popular gamers' choice award in China. 

dnf私服好变态_What is The Gamersky Award(TGA) dnf私服数据库被炸怎么办

The last selection, during the cumulative exposure of 170 million times, attracted 1.29 million players to participate in it, cast a total of 7.53 million votes. The Gamersky Award will launch a new "Jade in Rough"  branch to reach out to more indie games and introduce them to Chinese players.


Shortlisted indiegame can get:

1. Expose the special page of GamerSky Award, and attract players to vote and participate in the competition of corresponding awards.

2. Press exposure on Gamersky.com and other local videogame media.

3. Direct report on social media with 5 million followers.

4. Attention from professional players and influcers.

5. Featured columns and team interviews supported by our traffic.

6. Get into several local EXPOs in 2023.


Don't hesitate to contact us and let your indiegame win more attention from  "Jade in Rough".

To participate in “Jade In Rough” screening is very simple. 

You only need to send a document contacting the basic introduction of the game and your team to [email protected] (better in PDF if you have one),the game promo and 5 screenshots to participate in intital screening.

For any questions please direct message to @GamerskyOffcial


GamerSky Award in the past years:

GamerSky Award 2021:https://www.gamersky.com/zhuanti/wqj2021/

GamerSky Award 2020:https://www.gamersky.com/zhuanti/wqj2020/

GamerSky Award 2019:https://www.gamersky.com/zhuanti/wqj2019/

GamerSky Award 2018:https://www.gamersky.com/zhuanti/wqj2018/

GamerSky Award 2017:https://www.gamersky.com/zhuanti/wqj2017/

GamerSky Award 2016:https://www.gamersky.com/zhuanti/wqj2016/

GamerSky Award 2015:https://www.gamersky.com/zhuanti/wqj2015/

GamerSky Award 2014:https://www.gamersky.com/zhuanti/best-of-2014/

GamerSky Award 2013:https://www.gamersky.com/zhuanti/best-of-2013/